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Hero to Hero Canada Sends Shirts and Hats Overseas

Hero to Hero is morale boosting program where "Firefighters give the shirts off their backs" to our brave soldiers and "heros" who are serving overseas.

Welland Firefighters proudly sent their shirts to those serving overseas, we recenlty received reports of how positive and well received these gifts were. We wish our Men and Women great success and security. Thank You, for all that you do.

Below are three photos courtesy of Sgt Matt Harris with The Lincoln and Welland Regiment and his Hero to Hero shirts.  Matt Harris is in Afghanistan with CIMIC.  Civilian Military Cooperation.



Photos posted on the Hero 2 Hero website, please take a moment to visit them here: http://herotoheroteamcanada.smugmug.com/gallery/7672388_iES3q#495375445_ymjRU



   This is Drew Neufield and Trevor Brown from The Lincoln and Welland Regiment.  Trevor is from Fonthill and Drew is from Jordan.  They are due to return home on the 30th .   Drew is in 1 section, and Trevor is in 2 section, both from 4 platoon, November Company, Call sign 21 BlackJack.







March 23, 2009 – From Kamloops, British Columbia, to Kennebecasis Valley, New Brunswick, Canadian emergency service personnel donated 2,000 shirts off their backs and 450 hats off their heads to send to Canadian troops overseas.


Sarnia, ON Local 492 member Kevin McHarg has been organizing the Canadian Hero to Hero program since it began three years ago. “It has been extremely gratifying to watch this program grow,” says McHarg, a 28-year veteran fire fighter. “We shipped 228 shirts in 2007 and 1,200 shirts in 2008. And, we nearly doubled last year’s number this year.”

McHarg attributes most of Hero to Hero Canada’s popularity to word of mouth, the T-shirt collection tour and special speaking engagements, such as the Ontario Professional Fire Fighters Convention.

When T-shirt totals were counted, it was clear that London, Ontario, emergency service personnel had gone above and beyond for Hero to Hero. “All eight emergency service agencies, including ours, made a special shirt with all of our logos on it,” says Jim Holmes, president of London Local 142. “All personnel were encouraged to buy two shirts – one to keep and one to send. As a result, 500 shirts are being sent to the troops.”

To show its appreciation to the efforts in London, Hero to Hero Canada held a “Packout 2009” in London – when shirts and hats are boxed up and readied for shipment.

When the original facility for the packout canceled just days before the event, London fire fighters immediately stepped up to the plate.

“I contacted our fire chief to explain the situation, and he agreed to let us have the packout at department headquarters,” says Holmes. “It all came together quickly with lots of apparatus from the various emergency service agencies and several big tables for packing. There was even a fair amount of media coverage.”

With all of the shirts and hats packed up, the packages will be shipped in two separate shipments. “Through some special connections, we have arranged for about half of the boxes to be shipped already,” says McHarg. “We expect the rest to be shipped within the next month.”

Hero to Hero began in the United States nearly six years ago as a way to boost morale for troops overseas. Emergency service personnel T-shirts are collected from hometowns across the country and sent to the troops overseas. The goal is to get T-shirts to service men and women from the same hometown.

Three years ago, the popularity of the program spread north to Canada.

 Click here to learn more about the Canadian program for Hero to Hero.

Article is Courtesy of www.IAFF.org



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